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How to use Taktifol?

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Taktifol for Trainers

For mobile use

Simply adhere to the surface you choose, smooth down, and you are ready! You can remove Taktifol without leaving a trace, and then you can adhere it to another surface. Whether it be in the team bus, on the changing room door, on glass or other surfaces, there are no limits to your creativity with Taktifol.

Adheres to any surface

Thanks to a special electrostatic charge, Taktifol keeps hanging everywhere (to doors, cupboards, walls or windows, brick, wood, glass or wallpaper) and can be removed without leaving a race. Every sheet you can use more than once. Taktifol is easy to transport, can be used everywhere and is as useful as a whiteboard.

Dry wipe

With the Taktifol markers, any markings can be easily wiped off, only small traces remaining. So you can give different variations to your tactical disscussion. In combination with the self-sticking symbols, Taktifol offers all advantages of a whiteboard, together with unparalleled mobility and top convenience.

Flexible and functional

Taktifol is excellently suited for use on the move, especially with away games. With this product, you are always up-to-date and can make a presentation at anytime, anywhere. There is no need for a case or heavy board. Taktifol fits into any sports bag and is always close at hand.