More than paper processing: the team at Stoeffler GmbH

High standards in paper processing – for specialist customers

Paper processing might not require tradition as such – but expertise on the other hand is a prerequisite! Stoeffler GmbH’s roots in paper processing date back to 1968, when company founder Alfred Stöffler established himself as a processor and supplier of paper, proving his expertise back when the company was founded. Since then – even after handing over control of the company to Jürgen Zinsmeister in 1998 – the company has continued to grow steadily. This applies both to its production capacities as well as its expertise. Today more than 20 employees look after customers not just in paper processing, but in sales and service too. Stoeffler GmbH is Germany’s leading supplier of cutting patterns and paper for fashion and designers.

Excellent paper processing and customer service

But it’s not just fashion, design, craft and industry customers that value the company’s expertise in paper processing; many international customers seek out the paper processing specialist from Neuburg in Rhineland-Palatinate too. This sees Stoeffler provide its outstanding service to wholesale buyers and customers who require only small quantities. Both target groups appreciate the smooth procurement system offered by the online shop and the many years of experience in paper processing as well as the customer focus.

Something which Stoeffler GmbH’s customer groups especially appreciate is the wide, and always readily available, range of stock as well as the rapid order processing this ensures. Orders received before midday are dispatched the same day. The basis of this service is high stock availability and automated processes. And, last but not least, another plus point is the team’s enthusiasm and service dedication! Part of this involves offering prospective customers an initial sample so they can judge Stoeffler quality for themselves.

A tactical niche: Taktifol

In Taktifol, Stoeffler GmbH has developed a very special product outwith its paper processing services. Taktifol is statically charged using a special production method which causes it to stick to all surfaces. You can write on it, dry wipe it and fold it or roll it up. Tactics sheets are perfect for providing information to a group of people quickly while remaining exceptionally flexible, something which is often required for rescue team or military briefings.


One thing which is at least as important as customer focus to Stoeffler GmbH is the issue of sustainability in paper processing. As such, great importance is attached to clean and environmentally friendly processes when selecting preliminary suppliers and recycling. The environment is worth it! That’s paper processing you can be proud of.

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