• Starterset Military

    from 27,00 €

    • 1 roll Taktifol Military (25 sheets)
    • 1 Taktifol bag
    • 2 Taktisticks
    • 1 Taktifol cleaning towel

Military Command Sheet

Print: Military Command Sheet

Taktifol supports the operations of the emergency services, the police and the military troops in an ingenious and simple way.

Compared to conventional planning boards or paper sheets, Taktifol offers many new advantages: Taktifol is compact and light, can be attached anywhere, can be removed without leaving any residue and the lettering can be wiped dry with only a small amount of residue. And: Taktifol has an excellent price-performance ratio!

There are 25 sheets (each 24 x 32 inches) on a roll, which are easily separable by means of its perforation. Due to the electrostatic charge, it can be removed several times from common surfaces without leaving any trace.

Military Set

from 98,00 €

  • 1 roll Taktifol Military (25 sheets)
  • 1 roll Taktifol Transparent (25 sheets)
  • 1 Military Bag
  • 4 Taktisticks
  • 1 Taktifol cleaning towel
  • 1 Taktifol self-adhesive symbols, units, blue
  • 1 Taktifol self-adhesive symbols, persons, blue
  • 1 Taktifol Quicknote
  • 1 Taktiboard Universal



Artikel-Nr.: TZ-STD-200
  • two colors in one pen (red & blue)
  • practical Velcro fastening on the pin
  • Adhesive pad with Velcro surface


Diverse abwischbare oder permanente Ausführungen finden Sie im Shop
  • abwischbar (ST) oder permanent (STP)
  • Keilspitze für dünne oder dicke Strichstärke

Tactical Vehicles

You can find various tactical or unprinted adhesive symbols in the shop
  • self-adhesive vehicles in various designs


Individual sizes, individual print motifs - now possible thanks to tactical printing!

Do you need your own plan, your own strategy, your own tactics? Taktifol makes it possible. We produce your individual tactile film for you in small runs. You provide us with your design request - we implement it for you.

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